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Twelfth Issue (2023)

Theme Issue

Archaeology as Empowerment: For Whom and How?
Comments on Scholarly Activism

FKA Editorial Collective / FKA-Herausgeber*innenkollektiv
Archaeology as Empowerment: For Whom and How? Comments on Scholarly Activism
Archäologie als Empowerment: Für wen und wie? Kommentare zu wissenschaftlichem Aktivismus

Félix A. Acuto
Making Archaeology Available to the Subaltern: Towards an Engaged, Militant Archaeology

M. Dores Cruz
One Size Does Not Fit All: Theory and Practice of Decolonizing Archaeology in Africa

Tonia Davidovic-Walther
Eine neutrale Wissenschaft ist nicht möglich

Maryam Dezhamkhooy
Archaeology as Activism: A Southwest Asian Perspective

Pınar Durgun
Is Protest Really the Problem in Museums? (Imagine) Museums as Places of Dialogue, Collaboration, and Disruption

Marieluise Hahn, Anna Koch, Raphaelle Müller
Archäologie ist nie unpolitisch – Ideen zu herrschaftsfreien Archäologien

Johannes Jungfleisch and Chiara Reali
The Archaeology of the Egyptian Revolution and Counterrevolution. An Archaeology that Has Never Occurred

Beatriz Marín-Aguilera
Archaeology as Necessarily Political

Allison Mickel
Active Archaeology in the Middle East

Gabriel Moshenska
A Gloves-off Activist Archaeology?

Ulrich Müller
Aktivistische Archäologie – JA!

Martin Porr and Henny Piezonka
Indigenous Concerns, Archaeology, and Activism

Uzma Z. Rizvi
Archaeology as Radical Care

Erhan Tamur
In Defense of Incremental Change

Geesche Wilts
Aktivismus in der Archäologie als Chance

Nicolas Zorzin
What Concrete Forms Might an Activist Scholarly Archaeology Take? – Two Examples of Experimental Projects

Johannes Müller
Activism: The End of History – Adjourned

FKA Editorial Collective / FKA-Herausgeber*innenkollektiv
Empowerment by Whom and for Whom?
Empowerment durch wen und für wen?


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ISSN: 2194-346X